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George Teeter

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With the site growing weekly, I decided to break down the tree into Family groups so you can find yourself easier. Most of us will be found in the 9th, 10th or 11th generation. Find yourself and look at your lineage ex. Norene Lynn Teeter-Freund (ROBERT CARL9 TEETER, MERRILL FRED8, FRANK7, GEORGE6, ANDREAS (ANDREW)5, CONRAD4, HENRY3, CONRADT2 TEETOR, HENRICHI1 DIEDER)  This is my linage. Robert Carl-father, Merrill Fred-grandfather, Frank-great grandfather, George-great-great-grandfather. This is were I will find my family split off from the rest of the family with George's children. I have also on each page listed your direct ancestors so you can see. Once you have figured this out, it makes looking at the whole tree much easier.

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