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Welcome to my My Families Branches and Leaves!

The Beard Family is my great grand mother Nellie Shaff's father's family. They lived in Groton, Dryden and Cortland, NY. There are many missing branches. Hopefully I will be filling in more as time goes by. If you are looking at the Shaff family, it is also listed here. It is much easier to read as it is just the descendant of Eska & Nellie Shaff. I have also added photo to this link. Be sure to check them out.

Jonathan Lunger is Nellie Shaff's grand father that was murdered in 1870 at Goodwin's Point about 8 miles north of Ithaca on the west side of the lake. You will find newspaper articles of the event, trial and hanging.

I have now also added the Lunger Family Tree. This is the work of J. Fred Lunger. He spent many years working on the family ancestry.

The Shaff family belongs to my grandmother Bea Dennis. Her father and mother Eska and Nellie Shaff had 9 children with my grandmother at the time of publishing being the last remaining child at the age of 96 years. Her memory isn't what it used to be but, if I ask her something and let it be, she usually comes up with the answer.

We just celebrated our Grandmother's 100th Birthday on the 17th of October. Click here to see pictures

The Teeter Family is my father's family. The Teeter's moved to the Ithaca, Lansing area in the mid 1700's. Many people have worked on this linage for sometime. You will find many generations here.

The Nesbitt Family is my mother's father's family. I know very little about them, but with much help from Tom Devon, an indirect family member we are starting to put the pieces together.

The Turcsik's  and the Kroboth's are my husband's family, the Blake family belongs to Karen my sister-in-law and 1025 N. Tioga St. is the house we grew up in, in Ithaca, NY.  I spent many hours at The History Center researching the business and people that lived there.  It's really quite interesting.  Take a look.

I hope you enjoy the history and stories you about to read on this website.  My families has some very interesting history and my doing this website I hope to share with other family members.

I have not compiled all of the information on this page.  I need to thank the many family members who have worked on this so we all know where we came from.

What's New! With so many updates happening, I will list here what's new. I am also working on an index of people on the website and where you can find them. This will take sometime, just keep checking back.

Favorite Links is just what it says it is. This is where you will find links to local genealogy websites, family and friends business and just things I like.

I added a Memorial page to The Freund Family page for my father William R. Freund that passed away 8/11/10.

Photo's - take a minute to check this out. I will be added more. Some I know who they are, some I don't. Maybe you can help me to identify them.

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