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Could this be Edward Beard and Anna Lunger Beard parents of Mildred, Laura, Hattie, Perry and Nellie? Check out the noses. I think it is. They did live in Groton where the picture was taken.

Hopefully someone can confirm this.


Could these pictures be of Edward Beard?

Looks a great deal like him.

This is Laura Beard Teeter, Sheridan, Corrington, sister to Edward Beard.

I originally thought it was Laura Beard Albee, 1/2 sister to Nellie Shaff, but found older pictures of her and determined it wasn't and it was Edwards sister.

This picture was labeled Love to All Aunt Laura



    This one was labeled.

John and Mildred Beard Hamilton - this is Nellie Beard Shaff my great grandmother's sister and her husband and children.



This is Hattie Beard Sample sister to Nellie Beard Shaff.

This one included a letter on the back, signed Hattie to Nellie

I believe this to be Oliver Perry Beard


Eska and Nellie Beard Shaff





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