I have many photo's that I have know idea who they are and some I do. If anyone can identify the people in them please email me. I will do my best to group the pictures in families of the ones I know. The ones I'm not sure of I will group in picture sizes. They might be related.

Two pictures have been identified by Rita Fenner daughter of Lorraine Reeves. She identified Lorraine Reeves and than Lorraine & Catherine Reeves, daughters of Florence Louise Shaff Reeves. 2/5/08 Thanks Rita.

A couple of more pictures have been identified by Onneke Shaff O'Brien. Her father is Glen A. Shaff Jr. A couple she was not positive about so I added (?) to them. Maybe someone knows. 2/7/08 Thanks Onneke.

Also, I'm beginning to think that pictures 5 & 6 are Bob Fitzgerald. I do have some of that families pictures too.





Nephew Edwin. Does anyone know who this is? I'm 95% sure now this is Edwin Beard. 2/3/08



I have know idea on who the following people are. As we figure it out I will identify them.



2.)                                             3.)                                            4.)

This might be Perry Beard.                    I believe these two pictures are the same people.






5.)                                               6.)

These I believe they are both the same baby.


7.)                                            8.)



9.) Identified - Lorraine Reeves     10.)                                           11.)Charles, Dick & Bob Reeves


 12.)  Charles Reeves                       13.)                                       14.)Lorraine & Catherine Reeves



15.)                                                               16.)  Glen A. Shaff Jr.    17.)



                       18.)  Midge Mastrondardi   ?                19.) Benny & Midge Mastrondardi                         




                           20.)                                            21.)






23.)Onneke Shaff           24.)                              25.)



26.)                                                                  27.)                                  28.)



30.)                                                               31.) Eska Shaff ?                    32.)



33.)                                      34.) on back Aunt Mona & Blanche



35.)                                          36.)                                        37.)



38.)                                          39.) Dawn Marie Shaff                 40.)



                               41.)                                         42.)Bob Reeves





                               43.)                                        44.) says Lovingly "Nanie"

These two were taped together



45.) Lorraine & Catharine Reeves ?  46.)Midge Shaff  Mastrondardi ?   47.)



48.)                                           49.) has 1947 written on top        50.)



                                51.) Glen A. Shaff Jr. ?              52.) Beatrice Shaff

These two were taped together. Anyone know who he is?



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