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Nesbitt Family:

All references are for relationships will be made from

William Lovejoy Nesbitt, Sr.



Marcella Mae Leckness b. 06 May 1926 d. 10 Mar 2003 in Austin, Mower, Minnesota

Marcella was the wife of Lynn Marvin Nesbitt son of William Lovejoy Nesbitt Sr.  She is the mother of 5 children, Marcia, Karen, John, Robert and Ruth.


William Lovejoy Nesbitt Jr. b. 07 May 1917 in Elmira, NY d. 25 Dec 1998 in Port Tabacco, Charles Co., MD

William is the oldest son of William Lovejoy Nesbitt, Sr. and Minnie “Ruth” Fuller. William married Eileen Clear and they had 1 daughter, Diana Lee Nesbitt.



Shaff Family:


All references for relationships will be made from Eska Shaff.


Joshua Nathaniel Shaff – b. 04 May 1978 in Portsmouth, VA

Joshua is the son of Dale Shaff and Vicki E. Covert, grandson of Henry Shaff and Irene Ruby Brecht , great grandson of Glen Shaff Sr. and Myrtle L. Ryan  and great great grandson of Eska Shaff and Nellie Beard. Joshua graduated from St. Leo University with a BA degree in Accounting and currently owns and operators a wood working business in Perry City, NY called Black Oak Woodcrafts. Last year Joshua married Sarah A. from Ithaca, NY


Douglas Rogers b. 05 May 1970 in Ithaca,Tompkins Co., NY

Douglas is the son of Catherine Reeves and Douglas V. Rogers. Catherine is the daughter of Florence Louise Shaff (known to us as Aunt Louise) and Edward George Reeves. Florence Louise is the daughter of Eska Shaff and Nellie Beard.


Connie Lee Seddon b. 05 May 1940

Connie is the daughter of George Seddon and Genevieve G. Button. She married James Dersham II and they have 3 children. Connie is 2nd cousin 2x removed to Eska Shaff. Connie family is from the Corning, NY area.


Earl J. Roe b. 05 May 1881 in  Middlebury Twsp. Tioga Co., Keeneyville, PA d. 10 Feb 1902 in Middlebury Twsp. Tioga Co., Keeneyville, PA

Earl is the son of John E. Roe and Lois Shaff. He married Nellie Dickinson, but he died at the age of 20 and I have been unable to locate any children. He is the 2nd cousin to Eska Shaff.


Lorriane E. Reeves b. 06 May 1936 in Ithaca,Tompkins Co., NY

Lorriane is the daughter of Edward Reeves and Florence Louise Shaff Reeves. Florence Louise is the daughter of Eska Shaff and Nellie Beard. She married Elroy Grover 02 May 1953. They had 5 children, Michael, Rosemary, Ramona, Roxanne and Rita Jo. She than married Narin C. Murray 22 Dec 1967 and they have 2 children, Robert and Thomas.  Lorriane is the grand daughter of Eska Shaff.


Eldo Ferry b. 09 May aft. 1930

Eldo is the son of  Hiram Caldwell Ferry and Lena Brimmer. Lena Brimmer is the daughter of Charles Brimmer and Rudy Roe. Rudy Roe is the daughter of John E. Roe and Lois Shaff. Lois Shaff is the grandmother of Eska Shaff making Eldo 2nd cousin 2x removed. He married  Joan Fennerock and I have information that they had at least 1 daughter Kimberly.  The family lived in the Corning, NY area.


Amber Nicole Sisler b. 09 May 1987

Amber is the daughter of Tim Sisler and Dana Sue Caleb Mahnke. Dana Sue is the daughter of Donald Douglas Mahnke and Brenda Wittcop. Donald is the son of Eva Amelia Shaff and Harold Charles Mahnke. Eva Amelia Shaff is the sister of Eska Shaff making Amber great grand niece of Eska. The family is from the Medina, Orleans Co., NY.


Louise E. Schaff b. 09 May 1908 d. 17 Sep 1987 in Rochester, Monroe Co., NY

Louise is the daughter of Grant A. Schaff and Martha Levina Butters. Grant A. is the son of   Alonzo D. Shaff and Louise H. Eggleston. Alonzo D. is the son of Stephen C. Shaff and Cynthia West. Stephen C. is the great grand father of Eska Shaff making Louise 2nd cousin 1x removed. Louise married Carl Kieffer. I have know record of children. They lived in the Rochester, NY area. They also changed to the Schaff spelling of the name Shaff.


Richard Jonathon Bartel b. 10 May 2005 in Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Richard is the son of Richard Jonathon Bartel and Rebeckah Claire Shaff. Rebeckah is the daughter of Barry Dean Shaff and Jan Marie Covert. Barry is the son of Henry Cornelius Shaff and Irene Ruby Brecht. Henry is the son of Glen Shaff Sr. and Myrtle L. Ryan. Glen Sr. is the son of Eska Shaff and Nellie Beard. This makes Richard the 3rd great grand son of Eska Shaff and Nellie Beard.



Tracy Hisle b. 10 May 1965 in Richmond, KY

Tracy is the wife of Robert C. Murray son of Lorriane Reeves and Narin C. Murray. Lorriane Reeves is the daughter of Edward Reeves and Florence Louise Shaff. Florence Louise is the daughter of Eska Shaff and Nellie Beard. Robert and Tracy were married 19 Jul 1997 and have one child Ashley. Tracy would be great grand daughter in law to Eska Shaff and Nellie Beard.




Teeter Family:

All references for relationships will be from

Merrill Teeter my grandfather



Chauncey Teeter b. May 1839

Chauncey is the son of John Teeter and Julia Bloom. John is the son of Henry Teeter II and Wynche Sly. Chauncey married Eliza Lnu and they had 5 children. Reference is made online he was born in Oregon and that some of his children were born in Iowa. He may have gone west. His father is buried in Asbury Cemetery. He is 2nd cousin 2x removed to Merrill Teeter.


Haylee Christine Coulter b. May 2002

Haylee is the daughter of James Coulter and Carolyn Erica O'Connor. Carolyn Erica is the daughter of Brian Martin O'Connor and Elaine Margaret McIntyre. Elaine Margaret is the daughter of Ray B. McIntyre and Barbara Jean Laughlin. Barbara Jean is the daughter of Leon M. Laughlin and Marguerite Anna Teeter. Marguerite Anna is the daughter of Luther Stevens Teeter and Mary Edith Freese.  Haylee is 3rd cousin 4x removed of Merrill Teeter.



Karen Blake b. 08 May 1955 in Ithaca, NY

Karen is the daughter of Daniel Harold Blake and Jacqueline Rivers. She married Kevin Arthur Teeter-Freund 11 Apr 1998 in Ithaca, NY. Karen has two sons from a previous marriage, Jason and Anthony Carcelli.  She is the grand daughter in law of Merrill Teeter.


Clarence Rundle b. 08 May 1925 d. 09 May 2003 in Ithaca, Tompkins Co., NY

Clarence was the husband of Mabel Marie Teeter. Mabel Marie is the daughter of William Hymes Teeter and Anna Louise White. William Hymes is the brother of Merrill Teeter making Clarence his Nephew in law. Clarence and Mabel married 10 Jul 1954 and have 2 children,  Jeffery and Lauranna Rundle.





Turcsik Family:


Joseph Turcsik b. 06 May 1917 in Woodbridge, NJ d. 27 Jun 1993 in Ithaca,Tompkins Co., NY

Joseph is the son of Frank Turcsik and Ida Szabo. He married Jean Denmark and they have 3 daughters, Cheryl, Karen and Kathy who are twins. He served in the U.S. Army during WWII and was a life resident of Ithaca. Joe worked as a tradesman and at one time worked for my father as a painter.


Jacqueline (Jackie) A. Blanchard b. 07 May 1952 in Ithaca, Tompkins Co.,  NY d. 10 Oct 1998 in Ithaca, Tompkins Co.,  NY

Jackie is the daughter of Raymond Blanchard and Mary Porcelli. She married James John Turcsik, Sr. 11 Jul 1970 in Ithaca, NY.  They have one son James John Turcsik, Jr. Jackie sold Avon and hosted most of our family functions. She was a life long resident of Ithaca.


Shane Edward Hayward b. 07 May 1987 in Ithaca, NY

Shane is the son of Thomas Gary Hayward and Pamela Lou Denmark. Pamela is the daughter of Miles R. Denmark Sr. and Anna Margaret Turcsik. Anna Margaret is the daughter of Frank and Ida Szabo Turcsik


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