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You will find here what's new and what I'm working on at My Families Branches and Leaves. I have been making so many connections and have update many branches. As I do I will list what I have done here.



08/16/07 - Frank Baird and children updated Census, Death Index’s where available, Military Information where available

08/16/07 - Anna Sample, daughter to Hattie Beard Sample Gee 1910 census information.

08/16/07 - Hattie Beard Sample Gee – Census Information

08/16/07 - Eri Gee – 1910 PA Census


08/17/07- Added What' New

08/17/07 - Added Tompkins County Genealogy - doing lookup's and photo's


08/18/07- Added an Index of Turcsik Names


08/21/07 - Added Index of Beard/Baird Names


8/25/07 - Added Frank Turcsik's WWI Registration Card


01/25/08 - Added information on the Shaff Family Reunion under Photo's and Stuff


1/26/08 - Photo's of the families. Right now I am working on the Shaff Family and related members.


1/27/08 - Added photo's to the Beard Family link. There are a couple I'm not sure of. Maybe someone can confirm

1/27/08 - Shaff Family photo pages added.

1/27/08 - Added Bertha Shaff Delong. Sister to Eska Shaff

2/3/08 - Added more pictures to Photo's. Need to be identified.


2/14/09 - Added Freund Family Page


5/6/08 - Updated Kroboth Family Tree

5/6/08 - Added Birthday Link - List people who's birthday are in a giving week.

5/6/08 - Updated Shaff Family Reunion information.


1/24/09 - I haven't updated the website in awhile, but you will start seeing corrections coming and additions. Today I did update the information for the 2009 Shaff Family Reunion. Be sure to check it out.


1/25/09 - Updated Freund Family, added a couple of pictures. Additional information on Edith and Annie Generation 1


8/20/10 - Added a memorial for my father - William R. Freund 10/1/19 - 8/11/10 to the Freund Family page.



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