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As a child I can remember my mother telling us about a Great-Great Grandmother being involved with a murder.  I have always wanted to research the story. Finally this year I took that time and went to The History Center in Ithaca and found quite a bit of information there and than to The Tompkins County Public Library to reading old papers.

Jonathan Lunger was my Great-Great-Great Grandfather and was Murder at Goodwin's Point about 8 miles north of Ithaca on the west shore. The links shown here are to newspaper articles that I have retyped for easier reading.  I spent many hours at the Library looking though micro films of newspapers.  When making copies from the paper you can only copy an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet.  I have re-cropped the articles but due to the size, finally decided just to retype them.  If you would like a copy of the newspapers, I will snail mail them to you.  The files are to large to email.

Anna Lunger-Beard is the mother of my Great grand mother Nellie Shaff. Anna is described as - - The girl says she is past fourteen years old. She is small of her age, She is very dark complexioned, with thick lips, not very low forehead, broad cheeks, and short neck. Her eyes are neither wicked nor expressionless.

My mother had always said she was part Naivety American.  Just which tribe I don't know. 

1. My brother Chris emailed me and said he was told we are apart of the Cayuga's one of the 5 Mohican tribe. 

If anyone has any other information I would love to have it.

There wasn't a great deal of censorship in the 1800's so the articles are very detailed and quite graphic. Be sure NOT to let someone who could be troubled by reading them to do so.

You will see that Jonathan Lunger and Mike Furguson has different spellings in the articles. I have tried to stay true to what was printed.

George Johnson was the first African American juror in Tompkins County and he was apart of the jury that convicted Mike Furguson. The article was published in the Ithaca Journal on Saturday February 10. 2007 by Mary White from the History Center.

I hope you enjoy learning this part of our family history.

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